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So it’s February…and it’s cold here in the brewery. Black Paw is on the brewery floor discussing all things brewing with some students from Brewlab – I can hear his muffled tones above the banging of the cask washing.  He loves having students around because Black Paw is basically a social animal and chatting on, whilst discussing his favourite subject (brewing beer), suits him very well.

We’ve had an interesting start to 2014.  While we were still drawing breath after Christmas, we were very quickly caught up in the excitement of exhibiting at the Alltech Brews and Food Fair in Dublin, a most enjoyable and rewarding event apparently (I didn’t go - someone had to keep the show on the road at home).  It was a great opportunity for Black Paw to meet other brewers, many of them Irish, living up to their reputation for friendliness and warmth.  It was made doubly worthwhile by our very own Porter style beer, Dark Seam, alc. 5% vol., winning a bronze medal in the Dublin cup.  We rather liked that.

Now back to reality and the first snow of the year.  Hopefully, the only snow of the year.  Hard to believe it, but spring IS round the corner and we are busy, busy, busy planning new brews (a new light beer to run alongside our very popular Paw’s Gold perhaps?) and future events in the brewery, now we have our licence.  Of course, we are now open for off sales too and currently we are scratching our head, hoping for a burst of imagination, as to how to make our ‘front end’ more appealing to all our worthy customers.  It’ll come to us, but in the meantime, please do call in for your beer; we’re open most days between 9am – 5pm, but if you’re travelling a distance or want something very specific, may be worth giving us a call before you set off.


From Mrs Black Paw x

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